Exchange your 2010 - 2013 factory 18 x 3.5 wheel for this beautiful " machined " triple plated show chromed WILLY SHINY wheel . We take the factory '' Airstrike " front wheel and strip and polish it before it heads to the CNC mill for the simple cut outs we call the '' Double Take "  wheel.  Then it's back to plating for for the triple plated chrome finish . They have a 2 year warranty against flaking , blistering, or peeling .  The wheel will have bearings installed - we use " ALL BALLS RACING BEARINGS " just let us know if your bike has ABS .

The price is 445.00 plus shipping . We do not cut the pattern into the rear wheel because you can't see it and it would be a waist of money .  We carry the rear wheels in chrome for 375.00. Pulleys run 200.00 with bearings installed , polished rotors are 65.00 each .
Check out the WILLY SHINY wheel spacers too! They run 95.00 a set and the hide the rotor bolts and ABS sensors .

We take great pride in our products and stay ahead of the competition by giving you the best quality and value for your money.

* We mask all bearing registers so there is no chrome buildup which causes the bearings to compress and tighten up .

* We chase the threads for the rotor bolts so the install with no issues .

* We remove any excess chrome buildup on the hubs so the rotors run true .

* We do not charge a core charge up front - only if you do not send back your wheel within 30 days after receiving your chrome wheel .

Give us a call at 909 815 5376 to order .